Fall Festival

The Fall Festival features a week-long exhibit that showcase an exclusive selection of handcrafted lanterns made by Chinese and local artists, including lanterns of the twelve zodiacs. 

The festival also features Chinese art exhibitions of caligraphy and series of Qing Ming scrolls from different dynasties , varieties of cultural performances, interactive family-oriented activities, fall festival themed food vendors and booths and various locations to take stunning photos.

Qing Ming

The primary role of the Qing Ming Festival is to pay respect toancestors, as it is often referred to as Tomb Sweeping Day or
Pure Brightness.

We have the honour to hold a Qing Ming River Scene Exhibitionfeatures prints of the Qing Ming River Scene from the MingDynasty and Qing Dynasty. Also, in collaboration with Foster'sGarden Chapel & Crematorium, we are hosting free seminarson wills, power of attorney, finance, insurance, and funeralservices from March to July.



Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year celebrates the beginning of a new year onthe traditional Chinese calendar. It is associated with severalmyths and customs. The festival was traditionally a time tohonour deities as well as ancestors.

In celebration of a new begining , we are hosting our annualfestival with host performances, a marketplace with amazingfood and lantern and firecracker displays.

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